The American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts


  • Ron Smolarski

    Ron Smolarski

    Ann Arbor, Mi

  • David Tucek

     David Tucek

  • Matthew Marlin

    Matthew Marlin

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Marc Weinstein

    Marc Weinstein

    Lafayette Hill, PA 

  • Larry Havard

    Larry Havard

    Grand Rapids, Mi

  • Mark Gilbert


    Scott Gilbert

    Carbodale, Il


  • Edward Foster

    Edward Foster

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Dr. Barry Ben-Zion

    Dr. Barry Ben-Zion

    Santa Rosa, CA  

  • Paul Bjorklund

    Paul Bjorklund

    Flagstaff, AZ

  • Ron Bero Jr.

    Ron Bero Jr.

    Waukesha, Wi

  • James Rodgers

    James Rodgers

    Bellefonte, PA

  • Heidie Calero

    Heidie Calero

     San Juan, PR

  • John Berg

    John Berg

    Mercer Island, Wa

  • Joe Rosenberg

    Joe Rosenberg

    Kensington, Maryland

  • Josefina Tranfa-Abboud

    Josefina Tranfa-Abboud


  • Jeremiah Grant

    Jeremiah Grant

    Salt Lake City, UT

  • Stephanie Rizzardi

    Stephanie Rizzardi

    San Marino, CA

  • Alex Constable

    Alex Constable

    Hudson, OH

  • Thomas Roney

    Thomas Roney

    Dallas, Tx

  • Kristin Kucsma

    Kristin Kucsma

    Livingston, NJ

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Our members are expert witnesses who are available to consult, issue reports and testify regarding the calculation of damages in personal and commercial litigation, as well as a variety of other economic and financial issues.

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Title First Name Last Name Suffix City State Zip Country Phone
Milton Barker Juneau AK 99801 United States:US 907-586-4301
Burt Ashman Lafayette LA 70503 United States:US 337-988-5225
Dr. Gary Albrecht Winston-Salem NC 27104 United States:US 336-727-9435