Probability Mass Functions in Forensic Economics


Gary R. Skoog and James E. Ciecka. 2011. Probability Mass Functions in Forensic Economics. Journal of Legal Economics 18(1): pp. 111-123.

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This note is about the concept of a probability mass function (pmf) and two specific pmfs that have become part of the forensic economics literature. This note has the following objectives. It explains the concept of a pmf within the framework of clear examples. It provides two examples of pmfs within the contexts most likely to be encountered by, and used by, forensic economists. It presents examples of pmfs that are rich enough to illustrate essential ideas but do not get bogged down in unnecessary details. It aims to clearly state what a pmf can and cannot do for forensic economists.


Gary R. Skoog, James E. Ciecka


Life and Work Life Expectancy, Personal Injury and wrongful death

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