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The American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts is composed of a diverse group of professionals and academicians who analyze economic damages in litigation settings. Our mission as an organization is the advancement and exchange of research and methods in the field of forensic economics. Our members are highly qualified experts in a variety of forensic economic and financial fields.

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Photo of Max Allman

Max Allman

Photo of Dr. Antonio Avalos

Dr. Antonio Avalos

Photo of Dr. Barry Ben-Zion

Dr. Barry Ben-Zion

Consulting Economist
Photo of Mr. Paul R. Bjorklund

Mr. Paul R. Bjorklund

Certified Public Accountant
Photo of Dr. Roman Garagulagian Ph.D.

Dr. Roman Garagulagian Ph.D.

Photo of Dr Scott Gilbert Ph.D.

Dr Scott Gilbert Ph.D.

United States
Photo of Larry E. Havard

Larry E. Havard

Photo of Kristin Kucsma M.A.

Kristin Kucsma M.A.

Photo of Brooke Liggett

Brooke Liggett

Photo of Dr. Jeffrey Petersen Ph.D.

Dr. Jeffrey Petersen Ph.D.

Photo of Stephanie Rizzardi

Stephanie Rizzardi

Photo of Dr. William H. Rogers

Dr. William H. Rogers

Photo of Mr. Joseph Rosenberg

Mr. Joseph Rosenberg

Photo of Professor David Schap

Professor David Schap

Photo of Kristine Slocum

Kristine Slocum

Photo of Tricia Yount CPA

Tricia Yount CPA


Membership Contact

If you have any questions concerning AAEFE membership, please contact Max Allman, AAEFE Treasurer, at:

Allman & Petersen Economics, LLC
7677 Oakport Street, Suite 610
Oakland, CA 94621