Credit Expectancy Damages – A New Six Figure Hedonic Bonanza?


Thomas A. Climo. 2014. Credit Expectancy Damages – A New Six Figure Hedonic Bonanza?. Journal of Legal Economics 20(1–2): pp. 31–48.

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This paper deals with the testimony of economic experts in cases in which plaintiffs have claimed ‘‘loss of credit expectancy’’ as a source of damages, in some cases accompanied by claims of ‘‘loss of enjoyment of life’’ as a consequence of ‘‘loss of credit expectancy.’’ The materials reviewed arise from four legal cases in which the credit expectancy issue was explored and decided in the states of Massachusetts, Washington, Utah, and the United States 2nd District in New York, a fifth stipulated decision in a South Dakota court on a motion that made great use of the U.S. 2nd District decision, and a sixth case in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota where the court generously interpreted ‘‘loss of credit expectancy’’ to mean ‘‘loss of economic expectancy.’’


Thomas A. Climo


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