This collection of legal decisions and summaries was prepared and maintained by Thomas R. Ireland, PhD on his website for many years. They have now been moved here for the benefit of the forensic economist community.

Legal Decisions Prior to June 2010

Legal Decisions from June 2010 to the Present

Information for Forensic Economists on Definitions and Court Structure

Note: Legal decisions developed or revised after June 2010 have not been included in web pages listed without dates. Since 2010, decisions are reported by the date on which descriptions were written, but not inserted into earlier web pages. Some descriptions in pages created after June of 2010 are of decisions reached before 2010, but only written after June of 2010. The file for “Legal Decisions Developed or Revised During 2010” includes all decisions from 2010. Separate web pages exist for descriptions developed each year from 2010 to 2023.

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