Introduction to the Symposium on Wrongful Death


David Schap. 2016. Introduction to the Symposium on Wrongful Death. Journal of Legal Economics 22(2): pp. 1–4.

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The idea for a published symposium arose in early August 2015 when it was recognized that a number of forensic economists were trolling the same waters in search of somewhat different fish, but fish all the same. All of the invited papers address some aspect of the law and/or forensic economics practice involved in cases alleging wrongful death, yet the papers deal with different legal and/or practice aspects. The symposium departs from Journal of Legal Economics customary practice in that the papers were invited by the Editor, as opposed to having been submitted in unsolicited fashion; and peer review was accomplished amongst the invitees themselves subsequent to nearly all papers having been presented at professional society meetings and having received preliminary comment there. The papers, however, are not connected by virtue of a previously convened symposium event organized for their presentation, so this effort is presented as a print symposium.


David Schap

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