Patton-Nelson Personal Consumption Tables 2016–17


Michael R. Ruble, Robert T. Patton, and David M. Nelson. 2019. Patton-Nelson Personal Consumption Tables 2016–17. Journal of Legal Economics 25(1–2): pp. 75– 89.

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The Patton-Nelson Personal Consumption Tables, a source widely referenced by forensic economists and attorneys, were last updated using 2011-12 data. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey, 2016-17 was used to recalculate the consumption percentage tables for adult males and females employing the most current information available. When compared to the 2011-12 survey results, the 2016-17 study reveals slight to moderate increases in consumption percentages among consumer units depending on family size.


David M. Nelson, Michael R. Ruble, Robert T. Patton

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