Book Review: Economics in Legal Reasoning


Frank D. Tinari and Michael P. Ambrosio. 2022. Book Review: Economics in Legal Reasoning. Journal of Legal Economics 28(1): pp. 75–81.

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Economics in Legal Reasoning
Peter Cserne and Fabrizio Esposito, eds., NY: PalgraveMacmillan, 2020, 159 pages.
ISBN-13 978-3030401672, $60.77 hardcover (ISBN-13 3030401702, $25.26 paperback).
For practicing economic damages experts, the title of this book may be more intriguing than what it delivers, though it contains some useful background information to broaden the perspectives of such experts. Its targeted audience seems to be attorneys, especially academicians who are students of the connections between law and economics.


Frank D. Tinari, Michael P. Ambrosio

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