Editor’s Note: Changes to the Board of Editors


David Schap. 2022. Changes to the Board of Editors. Journal of Legal Economics 28(1): pp. 1–2.

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Earlier this year, the forensic economic community lost an esteemed colleague, the late James D. Rodgers. Jim was a friend to many, always on the lookout for new entrants into the field of forensic economics so as to greet them and make them feel welcome. His contributions to forensic economics include scholarly publications that continue to be cited by researchers and relied on by practitioners. Last year, the Journal announced an AAEFE Lifetime Achievement Award for James D. Rodgers and presented a summary of his contributions to forensic economics (Schap 2021). The Journal staff and its readers are appreciative of his service contributions made as a member of the Board of Editors.


David Schap

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